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We Believe In Best BARC (Govt. of India) developed 0.01 micron Ultra filtration "&" 0.0001 micron Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane technology water purifiers manufactured under the brand name of Bnova. This purifies all physical, chemical "&" microbiological impurities. The membrane (polysulfone material) filtration process in which the porosity is 0.01 "&" 0.0001 micron that eliminates bacteria, Viruses, Harmful and hazzards salts "&" dissolved solids from municipal, borwell, Tanker water which are highly dangerous "&" toxic for human health and retain essential minirals which are essential for human bodies. Along with other filtration systems such as de fluoridation, ultra voilet, sedimantary filters and activated carbon functions by removing complete odour, color "&" other chemical impurities. Product are less on Maintainance "&" is available for masses at a very affordable cost

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