Cute RO

6 Stages of Water Purifier:

  • Stage 1:-Limestone granules cartridge +2 micron filter net: a
    unique feature in Ro water purifiers which cleans the of water acidic presence and brings taste.
  • Stage 2:- BARC Govt. of India developed 0.01 Micron Ultra filtration Membrane technology:- Removes bacteria , harmful micro-organism and all other particles up to 0.01 micron and increase life of RO membrane.
  • Stage 3:- Ultra Violet Technology.
  • Stage 4:- BARC Govt. of India developed 0.0001 Micron RO Membrane technology:- process hard water brackish/POTABLE to pure drinking water by removing Salt.
  • Stage 5:- TDS Adjustable "&" TDS adjustable valve enables to control the content natural minerals in purified water..
  • Stage 6:- Acid wash Activated Post Carbon Cartridge: Removes color and foul odor.


  • In build storage Tank : capacity of 8 liter. .
  • Fully automatic operation.. .
  • Body made of unbreakable poly carbonate material for long life. .
  • Pressure Gauge to increase Life of RO system...
  • Heavy Duty Booster Pump with 100 GPD "&" 125 PSI...
  • Lime stone Cartridge Giving taste to Water.
  • 0.0001 RO Membrane. .
  • BARC( GOVT. OF INDIA Developed )0.01 micron Ultra Filtration membrane technology and 0.0001 RO Membrane RO technology..
  • Six stages Water Purification RO system..
  • Gives pure drinking water from Municipal Corporation supply, Borewell, Tanker "&" Well..
  • UV + RO + TDS Adjustable + Mineral Technology .
  • The Uniquely Developed Pressure Gauge Monitors the Blockage created in the process of Cleaning Water from Dust, Mud, Rust, fungus & Bacteria, Which Blocks the Nano Micron Holes. This Stops the Water Flow "&" increases the Pressure on the Motor...
Purification capacity Up to 25-30 liters /hour
Storage Tank Capacity 8.5 liter
Minimum inlet Water Pressure 0.3 kg/cm2
Net Weight 4kg